Colorado Fishing Atlas

The Colorado Fishing Atlas is an amazing online resource designed to help you find legal fisheries within Colorado, plan your trip, and make the most of it. It combines a wealth of information in attempt to provide you with everything you need to decide on your next adventure. I’ve been poking around on it to see if I can figure out some new places to try, and combined with some tips and tricks I picked up from Tenkara Magazine (more on that in another post), I think it’s going to be really useful. Some of the features that I find interesting:

  • Turn on and off different layers/markers (family friendly, remote fishing, boat ramp, campgrounds etc) to help you pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for
  • Information on what’s stocked and what’s not
  • Fishing Pressure information (how heavily is an area fished?)
  • Elevation; useful for figuring out what’s going on between 2 nearby fishing holes
  • Fish type details; tells you what fish you’re likely to come across in an area.

All in all it’s a great resource, especially for a beginner, who’s new to the area, and barely knows where to start. Maybe once I have some regular spots I’ll use it less, but in the meantime it gives me ideas on where to go, and I’m sure will be handy when I get into new areas to explore.