Upstate New York’s Batten Kill River

In October, I managed to combine 2 trips into one, and spend almost a week in Upstate New York for 2 conferences, with a day of fun in between. The two conferences were LevelUp Con (great, new conference!) and WordCamp Saratoga, which I spoke at. On the Friday in between the 2 (Oct 10), I had the day off to check out what Saratoga Springs had to offer.

Luckily for me, I have a few colleagues in the area, and 2 of them were willing to be my guides that day. First up, Sheri took me out for some kayaking in Fish Creek. She has a few boats, so I paddled in a smaller whitewater kayak, and she was paddling in an amazing, really impressive, Hornbeck boat. That thing is crazy — it’s so light and sleek. I’d love one, but don’t think I could justify it unless I lived really close to somewhere that I could use it all the time.

After that, Ben met us at the dock and then we headed off to the Batten Kill river for some fly fishing. Ben’s an avid angler, so he’d done some research to find a spot for us to check out, and luckily he had enough equipment for all three of us to fish at the same time.

The Batten Kill is an absolutely beautiful river (these photos don’t do it justice), surrounded by amazingly picturesque countryside. It really was gorgeous there, especially at this time of year (peak fall!). Apparently it’s notoriously difficult to fish, and I guess we demonstrated that by not seeing a single fish (in perfectly crystal-clear water!) the whole time we were there, let along getting a bite.

I also managed to lose one of Ben’s hand-tied flies by back-casting in a tree (that’s what I get for not having waders and being able to create some space). Regardless of the downsides, it was an awesome (albeit short!) fishing trip, and I’d love to go back in that area at some point.