Seagull Lake, Minnesota Boundary Waters Canoe Area

On the last night of our Boundary Waters canoe trip, Brandon and I paddled out and used his spinning rig to grab two smallmouth bass in quick succession. It was pretty crazy how quickly/easily we were able to grab them.

From our main little island, we had a spit that we could walk across, to another little island/rock.¬†Once we scrambled up there, we spotted a rock shelf where we could actually see a few fish swimming around, so we decided to come back in a canoe and drop a line in there. Within a few minutes, we’d each caught one, and we had what we needed.

That night we oiled, salt and peppered them, then wrapped them in foil and cooked them over the fire. So delicious. It also crossed 3 things off my bucket list at once:

  1. Going on a multi-night canoe-camping trip
  2. Camping on an island on a lake
  3. Eating fish I’d just caught, cooked over a campfire

Pretty hard to top that.

Jasper Lake, Minnesota Boundary Waters Canoe Area

As part of my Boundary Waters canoe trip, I took my Tenkara rig, and had a shot at fishing in the lakes there. Since I didn’t really like my chances dry-fly fishing in these big lakes, I found a little river (between 2 lakes) right near our campsite, and fished up there a bit. I didn’t catch (or see) anything, but it was a pretty beautiful place to wet a line. It was fun paddling over and getting dropped off via canoe as well.