Trouts Fly Fishing, Denver CO

Trouts┬áis my local fishing shop; it’s about a 20 minute walk or a 10 minute ride from home, so it’s super convenient. They have a bunch of flies, waders, bags, hats, accessories, rods/reels etc. The whole deal. They seem to be a pretty busy little place, and the guys there all seem to be polite and friendly. They also stock Tenkara USA rods, flies and lines (more on tenkara in another post).

I’ve already stopped in there a few times and picked up a bunch of flies, tippet, leader, foreceps and a retractor. They’ll probably become my go-to store for picking up whatever I need since they’re close, have a great range, and I like to keep it local.

Header image taken from Trouts’ website.

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