South Platte Park/Carson Nature Center

The final class that I took was held on the South Platte river, just near the Carson Nature Center. I went back there on my own on this weekend since it was a place I knew about, it was close and really accessible. It’s about a 30 minute drive from home, and still falls within the greater metro area, so it’s not a remotely “backcountry” experience, but like I said, it’s really easy to get to.

On this day I learned a really valuable lesson: enjoy the experience and process; don’t worry about recording it.

The reason for this lesson can be seen in the header image. That’s the photo that I took while I was supposed to be brining in and attempting to land the first fish I’d hooked properly on my own. Instead, I snapped 2 pictures, and then the little guy fought his way off the hook and got away 🙂

I was mostly fishing with a dry-dropper rig that day; something along the lines of an elk-hair caddis up top, with a zebra-stonefly-midge type thing on the bottom. The water was much lower than it had been when I was there previously, but still maybe a foot or so, and moving pretty nicely.

Next time, focus on landing the fish, then maybe worry about getting a picture of it. Or perhaps even just enjoy the experience and don’t bother with the picture at all.

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